My last stop on my European tour was Madrid, Spain. Typically you're supposed to save the best for last, right? This was not the case with Spain.

Don’t get me wrong, Spain is beautiful and the only city I visited was Madrid. I was excited to visit because I speak Spanish fluently and I expected to feel at home here.

Unfortunately, I found people being rude to me when I spoke Spanish. Perhaps I wasn’t speaking it “correctly” because of a slight Cuban/Miami accent that is the norm in South Florida. Apparently the Spanish that's spoken in Spain is technically labeled as Central-Southern Peninsular, which is an Old World variety. I guess my brand of Spanish wasn’t up to snuff. I heard that they give attitude to people who speak Spanish that isn’t “real” Spanish or if it has any other kind of accent.  

With that said, nothing much to report here except some disappointment. However, I wouldn’t let that stop me from going back one day. Next time, I’d like to visit Barcelona and check out their amazing beaches and give the Spanish another chance to make a good impression.

Daniel's travels to Spain

Madrid, Spain