I wanted an adventure so I decided to go to Moscow in the winter. Crazy, I know. We've all heard the stories of Russian Winters. It was 20-25 below zero and their coldest Christmas in 120 years. I guess I picked the perfect time to visit. Being from Miami, I can honestly say I was a little scared of what it was going to be like.

After getting off the plane, the cold hit me right away. It wasn't so bad at first but you can't stay outside for long. I found myself walking indoors every 45 min to warm up a little. I wore 4 layers of clothing, gloves, and even had hand warmers. My phone was acting strange, my camera was freezing, and I even had ice form on my face. I saw all the highlights in Moscow but felt that the cold prevented me from really experiencing the city the way it deserves. It was still an amazing adventure and I can actually say I experienced a Russian Winter.

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Moscow, Russia