Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially if you live in the United States. Located in Arizona, this steep-sided canyon is a massive 277 miles long, 6,000 feet deep and 18 miles wide. You can easily go there in a day and back from Las Vegas, which is exactly what I did.

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place for an extended vacation, and it’s the perfect place for biking, hiking, or if you’re a little daring and adventurous, a scenic helicopter tour. However, a quick visit is sufficient, too. You’ll have plenty of time to view the canyon’s wondrous beauty.

From Vegas, it can take anywhere from four to five hours to get to the Grand Canyon, you can either rent a car or take a bus. A tour bus may be better if you’re not up for driving 8 to 10 hours in just one day. Personally I prefer someone else to do the driving so I can take in the scenery.

Grand Canyon gallery

Grand Canyon gallery

The Grand Canyon lives up to everything you’ve heard. The sheer enormity of it is just mind blowing and you can fall into a trance staring out over it. Just don’t fall over the edge. I wonder how many people have. It’s a pretty long drop. Splat!

Don’t worry about it though! The possibility of plummeting to your death is pretty remote so go ahead and enjoy the breathtakingly enormous panorama that nature has so kindly given us. Next time I’m there, I’ll be inside the canyon mountain biking and rafting.

Grand Canyon, Arizona