Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, was another one of my stopover trips that lasted just a few short but sweet hours.

When I think of Belgium, I always think waffles and delicious chocolate. I didn’t get around to those famous waffles, but I did get to savor some of their delicious, creamy, and mouth-watering chocolate.

In Belgium, I visited the Grand Place, a large town square that's located in a bilingual (Dutch and French) part of the country. One moment that stuck out was when a young Girl Scout approached me—she couldn’t have been any older than 8-years-old.


The Girl Scout began her cookies sales pitch in German, which immediately rendered me with the deer in headlights look. Seeing this, she switched to French. Sensing the same eyes-glazed-over look in me, she switched to Italian but still no luck. Finally, she tried English... I was blown away.

I wonder if I didn’t speak English, how many other languages she would have run through to find what I spoke? How many languages did this impressive little girl know? It was crazy especially compared to back home where some people still haven’t mastered the one language they do speak!

Belgium was a short day trip, but I’m forever left with the impression that this is an impressive, multi-lingual country with very educated and sophisticated people.

Brussels, Belgium