En route from Venice to Munich, I made a stop in Innsbruck, Austria. I spent only a few hours in Innsbruck, but the memory of it sticks with me because it’s the first time I saw mountains… the enormous and majestic Alps. Incredible!

Growing up in Florida, the only mountain you could hope to see is a small hill that's typically the local trash landfill. I grew up never seeing snowcapped mountains or even a snowman. Therefore, you could understand the sheer excitement and breathlessness I felt staring at the Alps.

After some further exploration of the area and the local shops, I visited the Golden Roof. This landmark was built in the year 1500 by Archduke Friedrich IV, and it got its name from the 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles that decorated the roof. It was built for Emperor Maximilian I and was definitely a fascinating site to see.

Altogether, my time spent in Innsbruck was incredibly short but sweet. This city is definitely worth a visit of any length.


Vienna, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria