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I had the opportunity to spend a week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires is a fun and interesting city. Some call it the Paris of South America because it has a lot of European influence.

One of my favorite things to do was stroll down Florida Street, which ironically enough, reminded me a lot of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida. However, Florida Street was much bigger and had a lot more going on... shopping, unique stores, street performers, and people of all walks of life. I also explored Buenos Aires by taking a city tour, which is always a great way to get perspective on an entire city.

Did you know that Argentina has the second highest consumption rate of beef in the entire world? Seriously, Argentinians consume 121 pounds per person of beef annually. Being one to “go native”, I ate a ton of meat while there which was awesome.


Unfortunately, Buenos Aires was my only small taste of South America. I would love to return one day to explore other parts of this amazing continent. In particular, I would love to visit Brazil, Chile, and Peru. And of course, no visit back would be complete without another stop in Buenos Aires to stroll down Florida Street and eat more meat!

Buenos Aires, Argentina