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Top Recruiter - Season 4

Back again for "Top Recruiter" Season 4! I was looking forward to this all year because the last three seasons were a great time and I captured some great moments. It's always fun to spend some time in a world outside of your normal element. I've learned so much about job recruiting, employment, and the corporate world while taking part in these recruiting "boot camps".

The week of production took place in the heart of Miami Beach since the producers rented Jackie Chan's old house on the Venetian Islands which had amazing views and decor. The location was used to the fullest as we filmed around the house as well as South Beach, Downtown, and Brickell.

Top Recruiter Reality Show - Season 4

Some familiar faces returned from the past 3 seasons as well as some new ones. Recruiters that have worked for Amazon, Paypal, Starbucks, Apple, Expedia, and more, as well as recruiters who run their own startups were among this seasons elite class of recruiting professionals.

On set daily were also executives and CEO's from a number of wide ranging companies in many different industries who are looking for talent in a rapidly changing world. A big focus this year was on diversity, Torin Ellis the CoFounder of "SeeFuture" and CEO of the "Torin Ellis Brand" had an amazing 45 minute discussion with Nzinga Shaw who is the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Atlanta Hawks. The discussion was filmed uninterrupted for it's own serparate docu-film called "Identity Shift: Impact of Diversity".

Top Recruiter Reality Show - Season 4

One of the many reasons I love working on this production is you get to see professionals let loose and reveal their fun personal side. One struggle I've had is how to balance my professional self with my artistic self in the age of social media. Balancing these two opposite worlds is almost like being Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which brings up an interesting topic. How do you balance both and is it even possible? I took the opportunity to have some of these professional HR and Recruiting experts weigh in on this topic for my film "A Real Rock Story".

The culture on the set of "Top Recruiter" is fun, engaging, exciting, friendly, and loose, which is partly fueled by the endless bottles of Vueve Clicquot champagne. Once again, this years experience didn't disappoint and I made lifelong connections and learned more than I ever could sitting in a classroom!

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