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Top Recruiter - Season 3

Back again for "Top Recruiter" Season 3! I was looking forward to this all year because the last two seasons were a great time and I captured some great moments. It's always fun to spend some time in a world outside of your normal element. I've learned so much about job recruiting and the corporate world while taking part in these recruiting "boot camps".

Some familiar faces returned from season 1 and season 2 as well as some fresh faces. Recruiters that have worked for Starbucks, Expedia, Randstad, SAP, and also bloggers Jeremy Langhans and HR and Recruiting talk show host Rayanne Thorn were among this seasons elite class of recruiting professionals.

Top Recruiter Reality Show - Season 3

On set daily were executives and CEO's from a number of wide ranging companies in many different industries who are looking for talent in a rapidly changing world. As the millenial generation starts to take over the work force, executives are trying to understand how the new world of social media and lifestyle choices of the younger generation factors into the work place.

Day one of the show kicked off at 1111 Lincoln Road for a gala full of sponsors and high level executives who want to use social media as a platform to attract the best talent to their companies. International models Isabelle Fontes and Melany Doucette were also joining the fun as well as acrobatic champagne pourers and a variety of other entertainers.

Top Recruiter Reality Show - Season 3

One of the episodes took place at a job fair at the BB&T Center which was one of my favorite experiences on the show. To see thousands of people in search of jobs and how they go about it made me realize a lot of people lack the skills and basic knowledge to acquire a position; knowledge such as how to dress, how to present yourself in an interview, and other basic things that people can do to help them succeed. One of the major goals of "Top Recruiter" is to help people with all that and so much more.

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