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Top Recruiter - Season 2

My first question was how do you top Season 1? According to executive producer and creator Chris LaVoie “you just do it”. Taking things to a whole other level this time around by shooting in Sun Life Stadium, Adrienne Arsht Center, luxury condo’s, hotels, Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road, art districts, and mansions, it seems like he made it happen.

If the locations weren’t enough to up the ante, Mr. LaVoie made sure to go even bigger by bringing the show to the world’s stage. Featuring an international cast from Turkey, Canada, Brazil, and the United States, Season 2 has definitely outdone Season 1.

Having such a great experience working on Season 1, I couldn’t wait for Season 2. I had full access to all the locations, cast, crew, and guests which was truly inspiring. On day one, it was as if someone flipped a switch and I went into go mode, ready to capture as much as I could. On day two, most of the cast and crew had already bonded and made lasting memories.

Top Recruiter Reality Show - Season 2

Top Recruiter Reality Show - Season 2

With so much going on and so much information to take in, I was using all my senses to the fullest. Being able to work with such hard working, intelligent, and driven people is what I love to do. Everyone is there to help each other succeed and have a blast doing it. I always said that if I had half as much fun as I did on Season 1, I’d be having twice as much fun as anyone should be having. Season 2 was exponentially bigger, better, and even more epic!

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