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Nickelback - Bush - Seether

A lot of people love to hate on Nickelback, but I think they're a good and solid rock band. Sure their music is cliche and formula driven but its straight in your face rock; they fill a void very well with their catchy hooks and songwriting. Nickelback’s drummer Daniel Adair pulled off one of the greatest drum solos I've ever heard at a concert, I was honestly blown away.

I was happy that Bush was also on the lineup since I grew up with their songs permeating the radio all the time. During a cover of "Come Together" by The Beatles, Gavin Rossdale threw down his guitar, ran across the arena floor, all throughout the seats, and ran back to the stage which got the crowd going wild!


Seether opened the show with their somber music geared towards teenage angst. I remember listening to them during some very difficult and dark times in my youth. At the time, their music  helped me sort out those negative feelings and move on. Their set brought me back a bit to those times which was pretty nostalgic.