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Offspring - Bad Religion - Pennywise

First up was legendary punk band, Pennywise, who get their name from the clown in Stephen King's "IT". The bands songs and lyrics tend to focus on political and moral wrongs as well as the degradation of the United States and society in general. These topics can be heard in songs like "Land of the Free?", "Society", "Victim of Reality", "Fuck Authority", and "God Save the USA". I found them to sound much better live than their CD's and they put on a good show. 

Up next was Bad Religion who are one of the best selling punk bands of all time. Their lyrics usually relate to social responsibility and political commentary. They had a massive hit with the song "Infected".

The headliner for the night was Offspring who were playing their 1994 album "Smash" in it's entirety. The album sold over 20 million copies and had the hit songss "Come Out and Play", "Self Esteem", "Gotta Get Away", and "Bad Habit". I felt like I time traveld to the 90's because the crowd hadn't changed at all from those days which was interesting. The band played a few songs a little sloppy but I think only musicians would notice.



Bad Religion