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KISS - Motley Crue

Who's the most overrated band of all time? According to me, it's KISS!

I’ve never seen KISS live before, so I figured I'd go check them out. They're pure 70's rock n roll and a total circus act. There were a few good moments in their set but it was all about the spectacle and makeup that made them famous.

A more enjoyable set was Motley Crue. They are easily the biggest party band of the 1980's. I've read their book "The Dirt" which is the Bible of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll. I also read Nikki Sixx's "Heroin Diaries", and even Tommy Lee's "Tommyland". All three of these books take debauchery and chaos to new heights... or lows depending on how you look at it.


Their stories and situations while touring internationally as a huge rock band are just hard to believe. It's really difficult to comprehend how a person could live a lifestyle like that for so many years and still be alive let alone have all their internal organs functioning.


Motley Crue