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Dick Dale - Kill Mama - The Riot Agents

This show opened with the South Florida band, Kill Mama. My band Insignia has actually played with Kill Mama several times and became friends with the band. Their singer Sophie Sputnik sings and plays drums at the same time which can be very difficult to do. Their music can be compared to the White Stripes meets PJ Harvey.

Next up was The Riot Act who seem to come straight out of a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack or an early 1970’s house party. They were a fun band to watch and had an interesting look and playing style.

Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale was the the headliner. Known as “The King of Surf Guitar”, he pioneered the surf music style by taking Eastern scales and experimenting with heavy reverb. His most famous song is “Misirlou” which you may recognize as the song from the opening of the movie Pulp Fiction.

Dick Dale

Dick Dale

Kill Mama

The Riot Agents