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Kamelot - Nightwish

Ahhh, sweet, symphonic metal! Imagine classical music played really loud, distorted, and aggressive. That’s symphonic metal. Typically, musicians in these types of bands are almost always some of the best. Many of these bands come from Scandinavia but Kamelot was formed in Tampa, Florida in 1991. They have released 10 studio albums, two live albums, one live DVD, and many music videos. This show was the first time I've seen them and they brought a theatrical element to their show which was amazing.

Nightwish is the most successful band from Finland. They’ve sold more than 8 million albums and received  more than 60 gold and platinum awards since they formed in 1996. The bands style incorporates fantasy elements and film scores (think Lord of the Rings). The vocals are very operatic and the music is very complex. They are quoted as saying they want to make "the most epic music possible". After seeing them play, I can definitely put a stamp of approval on that!